Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Read 20 Books!

Today was an exciting day for William and Adeline.  You may recall my post about the kids participating in the Tulsa Library summer reading contest.  To recap, kids have to read 20 books and visit the library 4 times in order to earn stickers.  Once a child completes all the criteria, they can turn in their book log for a reading medal and stuffed bat.  The bat is the library's summer reading mascot.  Go figure.

William and Adeline earned their medals today!  William was so excited to get to the library for his award. On the drive to our library, William told me, "Mom, I am going to share my medal with you because you helped me read all of those 20 books and log them in my journal."  So sweet!

 He was SO PROUD when the librarian placed the medal around his neck.  She asked to see his book log and he beamed when he handed it over to her.  He told her, "we read more than 20 books but my mom ran out of room to write them down.  I love airplanes and we read lots of those books."

William's enthusiasm was just as precious for Adeline when she got her medal.  He told her, "Adeline, I am so proud of you!  This is your very first award!  It's sooooo exciting!"

I truly love that my kids find joy and imagination in books.  The road to the gold medal was fun for all of us!


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