Thursday, August 8, 2013

WBB Just Talkin' age 6.5 years

Me:  "so you think you will still be a pilot or work in the control tower?"

W: "well, I will be a pilot for sure but probably just fly myself around.  I would hurt people if I crash but I won't crash if I work in the control tower.   So I can probably do both.  Do you get fired when you are a pilot?

Me: "well you can get fired if you do something very bad or you don't follow the pilot rule book."

W: "do they really shoot you?"

Me: "huh? What?"

W: "do they really shoot you when you get fired? Are there real bullets? I hope they don't really shoot a gun. "

Me: "oh no! It just means you loose your job and you cannot go back to your office."

W:  "oh well that is really bad.  I am looking forward to all those years I  going to relax in my office and draw at my desk!"


Me: "William, are you glad you have sisters?"

W:  "mom, that question is crazy.  I mean, I love my sisters because when God gave me my sister Adeline, I turned into a Big brother and that is a huge deal.  It is very similar to when you had me at the hospital and I made you a mom."


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