Monday, September 30, 2013

Anna's First Birthday

Anna Baby, your FIRST BIRTHDAY fell on a Wednesday.  As luck would have it, Wednesday is your Mother's Day Out day.  You and Adeline wore your matching party hat dresses for your celebration and I packed your favorite foods for lunch (chicken, raisins, apples and a small chocolate cookie). 




When we got to school, Adeline told everyone it was your birthday.  She'd say, "today is my Anna Baby birthday!  She is SOOOO CUUUTTTEEE!"  Several moms laughed and told Adeline she was a great big sissy.

You went right into your classroom without a problem.  I didn't even have to tell your teachers that it was your birthday!  They greeted you at the door with a loud, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!"  I told them thank you for remembering and asked them to take your picture for me.  Ms. Charmaine said, "Oh no, we have a little birthday bash we do for the babies!"  I thought that was so sweet.

When I picked you and Adeline up from school, I got this darling picture of you wearing your birthday crown.  Apparently, this was the best picture they had because each time they set the crown on your head, you would reach for it.  I was just tickled that they made the effort to celebrate YOU!

William was in charge of picking where we would eat dinner for your birthday.  He chose Luby's for Adeline's first birthday, and he chose Hideaway Pizza for YOU!  Pizza was the perfect choice since it's one of your most favorite meals!

We met Dada for pizza.  Our waiter even gave you a free brownie mudslide dessert!  At first you studied it with caution, but then you dove right in and LOVED every single bite.  Delicious!

Once we got home, you took a bubble bath and settled in for the night.  The day went by so fast, but I had a wonderful time watching you enjoy your day.  I held you extra long once you fell asleep.  I sat in the darkness thinking back to the morning we first met.  The sites, the smells, the sounds....they all came flowing back to me.   It was all so familiar and for awhile, I was back IN THAT MOMENT.  That very moment I vowed never ever to forget.....and I am thankful for the memories of your birthday.  And as I held you in my arms and watched your face move all wrinkled up against my chest, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  You are the delight of my heart.  You are practically perfect in every way.

We love you ANNA BABY!  Happy Birthday!  Cheers to the adventures ahead.


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