Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tiny Dancer

 Adeline started ballet at That's Dancing.  She's in the 2.5-young 3s ballet class on Tuesday mornings from 9:30-10:15am.  Her class is only offered once a week, and I was so relieved to know that her MDO school schedule didn't conflict with the only class she could take there.  That's Dancing is close to the house and the morning class is PERFECT for us because Anna's awake for the adventure and William's at school. 

As ballet season neared, I started talking to Adeline about dancing.  She already knew the concept of "dancing" and she loves to watch ballerina's dance and see all the glittery costumes.  I wasn't at all nervous that she'd not take the class.  Adeline really enjoys being with kids and every time there's a gathering for a kids' activity, she is game to try.  The only hesitation I have ever seen is right before an activity starts and she sometimes thinks I am leaving her.  But, I always reassure her and tell her that I am just right outside the doors watching through the windows.  And off she runs!

Now, I was a little worried she would not want to wear the ballet uniform.  Adeline has a thing about costumes.  She is either all in or won't touch them at all.  She wore her Halloween costume last year for about 10 seconds before bawling her eyes out and screaming "TAKE IT OFF!"  She sometimes puts a hat on and walks around the room, but she never asks me to help her put on a full costume.  Now, I know a ballet outfit isn't a "costume" but I could obviously see how a toddler would think it was one.  So, I spent a few days showing her the outfit and we watched some ballerinas in their dance wear.  So game day, she was ready and willing!  I was so glad!

We got to her dance class and she was about to bust out of the car.  "Can I go now? Can I go now?" She was SO SO SO EXCITED.  It was truly thrilling to be caught up in her enthusiasm.  We got inside and she bounced right in to her classroom and met her 2 teachers.  As I predicted, Adeline got very nervous and ran towards me trying to be really brave and not cry.  I told her I would be right outside watching and I showed her how she could look up at the window and see my face.  After a couple other tiny dancers arrived, she was ready to go back inside. 

The class is so cute and such fun to watch.  The girls walk on their toes in a circle, they leap over beanbags, they twirl and play with ribbon wands, etc.  Adeline asks me if she can stay and do it again after every class.  So I know without a doubt, my girl is LOVING her dance class.


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