Monday, September 30, 2013


Pumpkintown! Pumpkintown! That was the chant Adeline was singing all morning long! 

Fall is upon us and I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall festivals.  One of my fondest memories from our time in Virginia was every single October.  Fall is beyond fabulous in Virginia.  There is SO MUCH to do and one of our favorite events was hitting all the fall festivals we could find.  In particular, I loved taking William to Cox Farms.  It is a HUGE fall festival with slides, rides, food, pumpkin mazes, etc.  When William started school, I would pull him out at noon so we could go to the farm and beat the crowds!

Tulsa isn't Virginia when it comes to fall.....but our family has enjoyed exploring the surrounding towns during the cooler months.  Last fall, I wanted to take the kids to Pumpkintown which is like Cox Farms but on a much smaller scale and without the hay slides.  Anna was a newborn and we just didn't make it.

BUT NOT THIS FALL!  On Tuesday while William was in school, I loaded up the girls and we headed to Pumpkintown!  We met a few friends and had the whole place to ourselves.  It was fantastic!  The kids never waited in a line and they got to ride the cow train as many times as they wanted!

Funny story - Before we left the house, Adeline ran to the bathroom and threw open her bag of hairbows.  She came running towards me shouting, "I GOT IT! I GOT IT!"  She remembered seeing a big ol' Halloween themed hairbow in her stash.  I think we got it as a gift and I forgot all about it.  It's rather large.  You pick your battles.  And so, Adeline headed to Pumpkintown sporting her furry, sparkling, pumpkin spider hairbow.  She loved it.  I tolerated it.

Adeline had the time of her life.  She loved the place. She spent a long time playing in the playhouses that are set up throughout the acreage.  She rode the cow train and I took a cute video of her as she rode off on the train (I stayed with Anna).  I said, "Hi Sissy!  Wave to me! Have fun! " and she gave me a huge smile, a great big wave and shouted, "OK!  I will have a great time!"

Adeline never stopped running and playing.  She was open to trying most all the events including bounce houses and the tire swing horse.  She climbed to the top of a HUGE bounce house slide and then she realized she had to go down.  She was terrified and her eyes just about fell out of her head on the slide down.  But, when she got to bottom she buried her head in my chest and said softly, "Mama, I was brave. I was really brave."  And then she fought back tears.  I told her I was so proud of her and she didn't have to do that ride ever again....then she was back on her feet without missing a beat and off running towards the gigantic sandbox.

At the sandbox, she dug for 3 prizes.  She found an army guy and joyfully hollered, "Mom!  Look William will love this!"  I thought it was sweet of her to give William her prizes.

Anna loved walking around and playing in the baby area.  The baby area had several ride on toys and push toys for her age.  She also was a real trooper as the weather warmed up.  I put her in the stroller while Adeline soaked up the tale end of the festivities.

We stayed 2 hours and by noon, it was getting warm.  So, I talked Adeline into riding the cow train one last time and told her she could pick out a pumpkin on our way out.  She wasn't thrilled, but after a few more rounds at the park, she was thirsty and hungry.  The perfect exit!

I gave the girls lunch in the car and before we left the parking lot, I had two sleeping babies in the backseat. 



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