Friday, January 31, 2014

A visit from our Elf 2013

Our Elf comes to visit us around the second week in December.  He surprises the kids with a North Pole breakfast and Christmas pajamas.  William was on pins and needles waiting for Elf to arrive.  He asked me every single day when I thought Elf would come to our house and did I think Elf forgot about him this year!  I tried to keep a straight face and just told him I wasn't sure when Elf would come, but I hoped it would be next day, or the next day, or the next.....the suspense!

This year was Adeline's first year to see the Elf and really "know" he was here.  Last year, she was a baby and just thought he was a toy doll.  This year, William told her all about him and how he flys around and lands different places in the house.  He told her the Elf is very kind and she can touch him and take him for a stroller ride with her dolls.  So with the debrief on the Elf, Adeline was really looking forward to seeing him.

Anna Baby is of course obivious.

One Saturday morning in December, we woke up to our North Pole Breakfast.  William was the first one downstairs and yelled, "I can't believe it!  He came back!  He made us breakfast again!"

Adeline got a real kick out of her reindeer waffle and Anna laughed when she saw the Elf hanging on the chandelier.  William loved the whole sha-bang.  He thought it was so much fun!  The kids ate their breakfast and opened up their Christmas pajamas.  Everyone got snowman pjs!

All December, the kids loved playing with Elf.  He went for car rides and slept in William's bed every night.  In the morning, they would leap out of bed and search the house to find Elf.  Their favorite morning was when they found Elf sitting in Anna Baby's shoe trying to sled down the white towels in the bathroom.  Oh they laughed so hard!

Thanks for coming to see us for Christmas 2013 Elf!  We sure love our North Pole Breakfast and all the smiles you bring to our kiddos!


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