Friday, January 31, 2014

Tulsa Snow Days!

We got hit with lots of snow in December!  School was canceled and the kids were fired up to go sledding!  It was COLD.  I mean REALLY REALLY COLD.  Like 12 degrees!  I wouldn't let the kids go outside until it was a warm 23 (warmer than 12, right!?) degrees in the afternoon.  Anna was the only one with unofficial snow gear.  I found Adeline's old size 24 month snowsuit and layered her up in 4 pairs of pajamas, socks, and the snowsuit.  William and Adeline were bundled up in their snowsuits so I didn't worry about them getting as cold quickly. 

Before taking the kids outside to sled down our front hill, I warned William that we may not be out there as long as he would like because of Anna.  But, I promised to bring him back outside for a long time once Dada got home early from work.  William was thrilled with the idea.  He is SO good about understanding his baby sister's needs and accepting compromise.  I am really proud of him.
So the 4 of us bundled up and waddled outside for a little bit of romping in the snow.  Unfortunately, the snow was not the best for building a snowman, so we stuck with sledding down the hill.  Oh my goodness, Adeline HAD A BLAST.  She LOVED the sled. LOVED IT.  She'd climb on the sled and William would stand behind her and give her a big ol' push down the hill.  She'd laugh and fall out of the sled at the bottom of the hill.  Then she could barely stand up in her boots!  It was hilarious to watch.  And, it was so fun to be out there with my kids.  We had the best time throwing snow around and Anna even enjoyed tasting it! About 30 minutes later we were back inside to warm up.  Anna was pretty much done and needed a break.

When Dada got home early from work, I took William over to our neighbor's house.  They have a bigger hill and William wanted to give it a try.  The streets were covered in ice and snow and there wasn't a soul around.  It was just us.  I treasure the small moments with kids and this was a highlight for me.  I love being with William and it's rarely just the two of us alone anymore.  We had tons of fun and I watched him sled down the neighbor's hill 100 times.  We'd hoot and holler and I would time each of the sleds so he could try and beat his record.  It was great!  We played outside until it got dark.

Although the snow was lots of fun, it also meant school was cancelled.  The girls were home for several days in a row and the roads were too icy to try and go anywhere.  We made the most of the situation and played with every single item in the house.  Thankfully, there was a light at the end of the tunnel and school resumed!

It might be FREEZING outside but we sure had fun!


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