Friday, January 31, 2014

December at the Devon Building with Bebe and Pops 2013

The Devon building in downtown OKC hosted a wonderful family friendly holiday party.  Bebe and Pops invited all the grandkids to the event so we packed up for a morning with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Devon set up different stations inside their lobby and children could rotate through them as they wished.  There was a craft center for making paper gingerbread men and Santa beards, you could write a letter to Santa and mail it, and you could color scenes with a holiday theme.

In another space was a giant sleigh to climb on for pictures, an area to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus, and outside, Devon had a kiddie train taking children for rides.

Our group loved the train ride.  It was cold outside, but they were determined to ride the train!  I am so glad we went early because the train line was short.  When we left, there were people wrapped around the trees waiting for a turn.

Adeline and William loved the craft area.  We stayed over there for a long time so they could rotate through the craft stations and take their time completing the projects.  Anna fell asleep when we got there, so she spent the entire event asleep on Dada's shoulder.  I think the loud noise and music was the perfect sound machine for her!

The line to meet Mrs. Claus was really short, so I grabbed Adeline and William and we headed over there.  I really thought Adeline would be nervous and not want anything to do with Mrs. Claus.  Boy was I wrong. She marched right up to Mrs. Claus and with a huge smile on her face, she just chatted away with her.  It was like two gal pals having a gab session.  William was really proud of Adeline for being brave and having fun with Mrs. Claus.  He kept telling his sister what a good job she did.

Once we conquered the train and Mrs. Claus, the kids climbed in the sleigh for some pictures.  Then we all headed outside to run around and look at the ENORMOUS red ball ornaments in the Devon courtyard.  Anna snoozed away inside with Dada.

The cousins ran around playing tag outside by the ornaments.  When Anna woke up, Dada brought her outside to play too.  She was so funny.  Anna watched everyone running around and then she would repeat their moves about 50 steps to late behind them.  She would hoot and holler and giggle and laugh as she tried to keep up. 

After a few hours of fun, we all went for a pizza lunch.  Thank you Bebe and Pops for kicking off our OKC Christmas week!  We had such a good time!


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