Sunday, May 10, 2015

2nd Grade Invention Convention

The last big event for 2nd graders is the Invention Convention.  The kids have to "invent" something that helps them with a problem or a daily task in their life.   William thought long and hard about his options.  He LOVES this kind of stuff and took the entire project very seriously.  We brainstormed for weeks. 

Then one evening, it hit him.  I was serving dinner and the meal was hot.  William was starving and not very patient for his food to cool down enough to eat.  He said, "MOM!  I wish my food wasn't always so hot.  I need a fan so I can get this food cooled off really fast."  BOOM! 

Introducing The Easy Breezy Fork Fan.  Invented in 2015 by 8 year old William Barron from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Easy Breezy Fork Fan was completely designed and built by William.  There were a few times Dad was necessary in the process, but for the most part, it was all William. 

The Easy Breezy Fork Fan is a plastic fork with a USB port attached to it.  You can plug in a fan that adjusts to different angles to cool your plate.  For an added touch, William wanted to glue the contraption to a flashlight so he can eat hot food in the dark.  Genius.  So the Fork Fan is all attached to a black flashlight. 

He was so proud.  He wanted to make a poster board display for the Invention Convention.  So, he worked a few nights on the details of the board. 

The day of the convention, Dan and I went to see the kids and all their brilliant ideas.  William was thrilled at his audience and enjoyed giving demonstrations.  Lots of people were impressed and "wowed" by his imaginative problem solving skills.


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