Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Picnic 2nd Grade

The Holland Hall second grade hosted a Mother's Day picnic.  We gathered in the gym and watched the kids do a cute musical number to "The Monkeys."   At the end of the show, the moms had to get up and dance with their child to the song.  It was great fun and William let loose.  He is a pretty good dancer, but lets his silly side shine with confidence.  So I was silly too!  He laughed and got such a kick out of me dancing crazy to the music. 

After the show, we found a spot outside for the picnic.  We sat with his friends and enjoyed hotdogs, chips and fruit.  Afterwards, all the kids headed to the soccer fields to fly kites with mom. 

William had great success flying his kite.  His kite was up in the air for a majority of the party.  Some people brought fancy kites, but William and I used a Dollar store kite and put them to shame. Ha. 

It was hot and muggy. But it was so fun watching William have a great time.  With sisters in the mix, our days together as a duo are rare.  It's something I dearly miss about those 4 years of his life when it was just the two of us at home.  I knew I was lucky then and I knew to savor those moments.  I am so glad I did.  

Days like today when I can give my full attention to William are just so important. I can't believe he is almost in 3rd grade. He was only 4 yesterday.  I can remember pulling up to HH for
The first time and glancing over at the far right side of the building.  There is a sign there that says "3rd grade entrance."  I vividly remember telling myself, "wow I wonder what William will be like when he is in 3rd grade.  It sounds so big and he will be 9."   In that moment, William was only 4 and he was heading to preschool 4s at the very left side of the building.  He could barely read.  That was the beginning of Primary School. And now we are almost at the end and he has read out of the highest level offered in 2nd grade.  

It's amazing to see how much he has grown and matured.  This Mother's Day was one for my heart.  We had fun!  

William- may you always soar swiftly like your kite, may you shine like the sun and may your gifts impact others like a gentle breeze that fills your soul. 


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