Friday, December 11, 2015

Riding horses

The girls started taking horseback riding lessons in September with Emily Brainmeier.  Emily was William's assistant teacher in 2nd grade and chose to go full time as the equestrian manager at a barn.  So when I was looking for riding lessons for the girls, Emily was perfect.  

The lessons are every Thursday from 11-12:15.  The girls are in charge of getting "their horse" Charlie out of his stall and groomed for their lesson.  They dress him for the ride as well as dress themselves for their lesson.  The girls are good about taking turns as to who rides first each week.  They absolutely love riding and look forward to Thursdays with great joy.  

Both girls are not intimidated by Charlie.  They love practicing with Emily and Adeline recently started steering Charlie without Emily holding on.  Adeline was really proud the first time she did it and Charlie paid attention.  She was delighted.  Adeline loves all animals and the riding lessons have been a real treat for her.  

Anna loves Charlie too.  She talks about him weekly and reminds me to buy him peppermints for our visits.  She looks like a termite up against such a big horse, but she never wants to get off and say goodbye.

The lessons have been lots of fun.  We hope to continue riding in the spring when the weather is nice.  This week is our last lesson before winter weather comes our way. 

The dark horse in these pictures is Hershey.  On this day, Charlie was busy getting new shoes.   Charlie is a gray horse and much bigger than Hershey.  


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