Friday, December 11, 2015

WBB Christmas concert/Anna's party

Anna invited me to her Christmas party at school.  There were several different craft stations set up and we had a great time together.  Anna's favorite craft was the hand and footprint reindeer. She got s kick out of me tracing her hands and foot and then gluing them together.  We also decorated a tree and made a star ornament.  She was thrilled and so very proud.  She showed me around the classroom and they told me, "ok mom! You can go now.  Jesus' birthday party is over ". 

William had a Christmas concert at school on Friday.  I knew there was a performance, but it wasn't until a week before the show that William casually mentioned that he had a vocal solo and would be performing a difficult piece on the xylophone.    Ha.  Leave it to a 3rd grader for last minute details. 

So Bebe and Pops came for the big concert as did the trusty sisters.  I knew they would have a lot of fun watching the kids perform.  Adeline just about wiggled her way on stage, she wanted so badly to dance and sing along!  Anna was pretty captivated by the instruments. 

William wouldn't tell me anything about his solo.  But right before the show, his music teacher introduced herself to me and said "oh my goodness.  William sounds like an absolute angel singing his solo".  I was flattered yet nervous because I have never in my life heard him sing "for real".  When his turn came, he walked so confidently to the mic. The song was "Dobbin" and although the pretty, I only wish his solo was from a real traditional Christmas song.  I mean, he was incredible.  His voice was like an angel.  I was floored and everyone around me turned and looked at me in disbelief.  Who knew!  Dan and I laughed at each other like "what in the world? Where did he get that?!"   He sounded just like a child in a boys choir.  It was a moment I won't forget.  


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