Monday, March 22, 2010

My pack on my back!

William: "DAAADAAA! You ready to go on a nature hike?"
Dada: "Well sure buddy!  Let me get my backpack."

Sunday afternoon William invited Dada on a boys only nature hike.  He was fired up to find some treasures for his "treasure box" which is actually the flower pot on the front porch.  It's just overflowing with William's prized possessions (sticks, rocks, leaves, dirt, etc.) that he finds on all our outings.

Before they headed out, William told me specifically what to put in his backpack.  Here's the inventory:

UPS airplane
British Airways airplane
1 fighter jet 
water bottle
goldfish crackers
fruit bar
2 "pick me ups" which are Oreos

They had a grand ol' time on their hike and brought back many a "treasure" for the flower pot. 


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