Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Saturday was the D.C. Kite Festival on the National Mall.  We headed to the event around 10:30am and parked at Arlington Cemetery in order to ride the metro downtown.  William was fired up as he always loves a good ride on the metro trains.  

The crowds were pretty thick, but we managed to board the first train that came by. Because of all the people, William lost track of Dan on the metro train and for a second he began to panic and tell me in a crying  voice "Mom Mom we forgot Dada!"  I didn't think much of it and quickly explained that Dada was on our train but he was not standing by us because of the crowds.  I then pointed him out and William made a mad dash to grab Dan's hand and pull him over towards the door.  He was very concerned that one of us would not make it off the train!  This situation made more of an impression than I thought because on our return ride he would not let go of our hands and today at church he would not get on the elevator until Dan and I were both standing by him and holding his hands.

Anyways, back to the festival.  We got off at the Smithsonian station and walked towards the kites which were mostly between the Washington Monument and World War II memorials.  There were tons of kids and lots of people flying kites they brought with them.  We didn't bring a kite because we were not sure how the whole event worked and how cumbersome it might be to tote it on the metro......but, never fear the Easter Bunny is indeed bringing an airplane kite to William next week!  We did bring a picnic and ate our lunch by the Washington Monument.  William got a kick out of running around and kept telling us, "isn't this so fun!"

We saw tons of very cool kites in all sizes.  William loved the space ship kite, the fighter jet kite, the soccer ball kite and the huge dragon kite.  There were also tents set up with various activities for older children as well as a few kite flying contests and bands playing.  We took in the action and then played among some of the cherry blossom trees before calling it a day.  

We had a great time and being downtown just reminded me of how cool it is to live in Washington, D.C.  The fact that we can  play on the National Mall and visit the historic monuments anytime we want are just two thrilling experiences that I will never take for granted!  I am so glad we are a family who takes advantage of every moment.


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