Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday Skuut to the School Bus

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day!  William announced that he wanted to "ride his Skuut bike to Shirlington" so our little family headed out on an impromptu evening stroll to where else......Shirlington. 

We took the bike trail and William wanted to stop and check out the school buses at the Arlington County school bus yard.  It just happens to be on the way to Shirlington as well the site of our school bus tour when William turned 2 (you might remember the blog post about that?).   I thought it might be locked up on a Sunday, but it wasn't!  William had a super time walking around and studying all the different buses.  He even remembered our tour and the sweet bus driver, Sarah, who gave William a tiny school bus toy.  What a sharp memory!

We moved along to Shirlington and William asked if he could stop in Harris Teeter "to pick up something."  He combed the aisles carefully and settled on a box of granola bars.  We sat on a park bench to people watch while he munched on his treat and then we headed home.


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