Monday, June 7, 2010

Trip to the Spray Park

Today William and I made a trip to the spray park.  There are two spray parks in North Arlington.  One is geared for toddlers and includes just water spraying up from the ground.   The other one caters to older kids because there's a wheel that spins, a bucket that dumps water and various waterfalls.  We opted for the "older kid" park this go round.

We got there around 10am and stayed a few hours.  The weather was great - high of 87 with a breeze.  William played a little bit in the water, but spent quite a bit of his time on the playground.  We really only visit this particular park in the summertime, so the slides and climbing toys are very fresh and new in William's eyes. 
He also liked the swings but I think I let him stay in the swing too long.  He quietly asked to get out and wanted me to hold him.  His face was green!  I quickly gave him a snack and my water bottle because he was telling me how hot he was and I DID NOT want him to faint!  I think the swings and the sun made him really dizzy!  By this time it was close to noon, so we headed to the car to cool off.  Once he was out of the sun, he was a new man.

All in all, we had fun and I am sure we'll be back!


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