Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wii One

William discovered the Wii balance board that sits under the tv cabinet.  He was so curious about it that Dan fired up a few games on Saturday night.  William picked soccer as his first game and he'd bust out laughing every time he missed the ball.  

He moved on to running races.  He LOVES to run so this was a perfect choice AND to top it off, the characters run past waterfalls....yet another WBB favorite!  Here he is running in place!  Note the game remote stuffed down in the back of his pants.

Lastly, he got a real kick out of the marble balance game.  You have to move your body around in order to move the marbles around on the table.  The object is to get the marbles into the hole without dropping them.  William was so good at it that he moved to level 2 three times!  Here he is assuming the marble game stance.


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