Monday, June 14, 2010

TWIN engines

Dan's Aunt Karen is a master semstress.  She can make ANYTHING and she is so fast too!  Aunt Karen and Uncle Lee came to DC to visit a few months ago.  William and Dan went to dinner with them and Uncle Lee wore a homemade  shirt with airplanes all over it.  William stared at it the entire dinner.   Totally. Impressed.

A week later, William got a package in the mail. 

A pint size airplane shirt from Aunt Karen!

I quickly took some pictures of William modeling the shirt (which I erased from the camera, but will retake soon) and sent Aunt Karen a few copies along with a thank you note for her loving handy work.  I told her how excited William was when he opened his package to find "a shirt just like Uncle Lee!"  I even mentioned that Dan was a little jealous! 

What do you suppose showed up in the mail 3 weeks later?

Yep, matching airplane shirts for my boys!  William laughed and smiled when he noticed they matched.  Each shirt has snaps up the front instead of buttons and the pockets are even a PERFECT size for his toy airplanes. 

William and Dada even wore their matching shirts to the Air and Space Museum.   They got many, many complements and even enjoyed the IMAX movie, Fighter Pilot.

THANK YOU AUNT KAREN!  The Barron Boys love their new shirts!  What a labor of love and thoughtfulness.   I plan on keeping William's shirts in his keepsake box once he outgrows them. 


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