Monday, November 15, 2010

Giving Thanks by William Barron 3.5 years

I saw a really cute turkey craft in a magazine and thought it would be a very easy project to do with William.  So we came home from school today, had lunch and of course played airplanes for 2 hours.  Once William's airport was complete, we set out to create our Thanksgiving turkey.

William collected leaves and glued them on the bottom of our craft paper.  He selected yellow for the turkey's feet and gladly dipped both hands in the paint to create the turkey's legs and toes.  He insisted on blue for the turkey's eyes since "blue is one of the colors on American Airlines."  Ok.  Whatever works for ya.    He glued on the nose and gobbler with very serious precision.  

Then it was time for the turkey's feathers.  I asked William to tell me what he was thankful for this year and he rattled off a long list for me.  I wrote each answer on a strip of paper and gave each one to William.  He worked very hard on getting each feather in the perfect place, and could not bear the idea of overlapping any of them.  

Here's his list:

Meme and Mac
Bebe and Pops
Gram and Bubba
Dada hiking
Mom Mom
Baby in my tummy
Fruit Roll Ups
Me Too!

I think it turned out adorable and William was SO PROUD!  He asked me to put it on the front door so everyone can see it.  

I am so thankful for my very best boy!


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