Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just Talkin' like a big brother

William:  "Mom Mom, we need to get baby sister a cute baby doll so she can have a toy since I have tons of airplanes.  She can't play airplanes with me because they have small parts."

William:  "So, we are going to go to the hospital on Big Brother Day in March which is actually after I turn 4 on my birthday in February and we will pick up my baby sister.  She's so cute.  

William: "Do we get to pick her out?"

William:  "First Santa comes at Christmas, then it will be my birthday in February and I will be 4 years old and then after that winter will be over and we'll have Big Brother Day in March to pick up baby sister."

William:  "There is a baby in Mom Mom's belly and the doctor will help us get her out.  Then we'll be so excited to have a baby sister and we'll all say "huuuurrrraayyyyy!" and she can celebrate Big Brother Day with me."

William:  " Mom Mom we need to go the store and get one of those babies like my friends have so we can have one in our house.  I think that would be fun."  - Little did he know I was 5 weeks pregnant when he told me that!

William:  "When are you going to get her crib ready so she can spend the night in my room like a slumber party?"


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