Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

For most of our married life, Dan and I have never gone home to OKC for Thanksgiving. Especially when I was working at the White House.  There was simply not enough time to make the quick trip home when I had to continue working on the White House Christmas parties (20 plus events in 2 weeks).  Instead, we have taken a few trips abroad, a couple of VA trips, or just stayed put in DC.  It always works out well for us and then we make an extra long trip home (about 2 weeks or so) for Christmas.

We were going to drive to Pittsburgh, PA for Thanksgiving this year just to get out of town and visit a new city.  We made hotel reservations and talked about hitting the Childrens' museum, cog railway, the downtown museums and several local hole in the wall eating establishments.  We were gearing up for a little vacation.

Then we heard the news.  The Pittsburgh turnpike was going to be a nightmare and what was estimated to be a 4 hour car trip had enormous potential to move into the 8 hour car trip category.  Since we were just going to PA for fun and not to visit family for the holiday, we decided to just bag it and stay in DC.  We can always go for a long weekend in the up coming months when there is a federal holiday.  

Wednesday afternoon I cancelled the hotel and Dan took us all to the George Mason basketball game.  My last post highlighted William's big time with the blimp and bag of popcorn.  Success!  Wednesday night as we were driving home from the game at 9:30 p.m., I told Dan we had to stop and get a real Thanksgiving dinner or else Thursday (the next day) would come and I would be terribly depressed eating mac and cheese and a fruit salad from the Harris Teeter salad bar.  So, Dan hit our 24 hour Teeter at 10pm and picked up a FABULOUS last minute Turkey Day dinner!

Thanksgiving day we had a nice, quiet morning of internet shopping for our pre-Black Friday purchases.  We got ourselves a new flat screen tv from Best Buy!  None of that camping out with the natives. Then at noon, Dan heated up our meal while I dug around in the basement for some last minute Thanksgiving table decor.  Our little feast came together beautifully and the three of us settled in for a delicious meal of turkey and all the trimmings!  

Afterwards, William wanted to decorate his giant gingerbread man that Bebe got him when she was in town.  Dada offered to pipe the icing while William scored the job of M&M design technician.  Together they made a masterpiece.

And to cap off our Thanksgiving night, we ventured outside around 7:30pm and hit the Michaels madness sale so I could buy a gingerbread candy village for William to decorate in December.

Sometimes the simple moments are worth the most thanks.


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