Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adeline is ONE MONTH old!

My little lady is one month old!  I can't believe it.  I feel like she was born yesterday.....time marches on way too fast!  If only I could bottle up every ounce of her scrumptious, chubby body and just live in this moment forever.  

Adeline is a wonderful baby.  From day one, she's put herself on a schedule and I will say that it suits her mommy just fine!  She has never confused day and night, she eats 3.5 ounces of formula about every 3-4 hours, and poops about every 5 days (just had to throw that in for the sake of journaling).  If it's about time to eat when she wakes up from her naps, she will scream until the bottle hits her lips.  My girl loves to eat!  It takes us awhile to burp her too.  She is also a spitter upper which William was not.  So, we try our best to get as many burps as we can before laying her down flat on her back or moving her around too much.  Her pretty black hair is still as full as the day she was born and so far, her eyes have remained blue.  I have noticed a little bit of baby acne on the left side of her face, but the doctor says it will clear up over time.  I don't know her exact weight, but at 2 weeks old she was a little over 8 lbs.  I would guess she's close to 9.5 lbs now.

Adeline loves to lay horizontal across my torso with her head resting on my left arm.  She'll lay this way for hours. Sometimes she'll fall asleep and other times she'll just lay that way with her eyes wide open - just starring at me.  More often than not, she will also put her left hand at the base of my neck while she lays across me.  It's her signature move.  If I am wearing a necklace, she'll hold onto it.  If she wants to lay on my chest, she'll curl up in a ball with her bottom sticking out.  It's just so amazing how small she is (yet so big too!) and her bottom fits perfectly in my hand! 

Adeline LOVES William and he is equally smitten with his sister.  Her eyes follow his voice until she can clearly see him.  She is very content sitting in his lap and she'll fall asleep while he's holding her.  The first thing William does every morning is find Adeline and tell her "good morning baby sister!" He gives her endless kisses and holds her bottle for me during feedings.  He is also in charge of the pacifier and will tell you so.  
I am so thankful that he adores Adeline the way I always hoped he would.  Just the other day I glanced into the living room to check on Adeline and I saw William bending over her and giving her Eskimo kisses.  Then I heard him say in his very gentle voice, "Baby Adeline, you are my very best friend."  This mommy's heart is complete.


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