Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aunt Rachie's in the house!

My very awesome sister, Rachel, came to town last weekend so she could officially meet Adeline and play with William.  You might recognize her as the eyelash model for Bobbi Brown cosmetics on the QVC.  But we know her as our very own "Aunt Rachie!"

We were all thrilled to see her and spend time together, but I think William is her biggest fan! Just look at the picture above! He just had to know where she was every second and his favorite part of her visit was "having slumber parties at the hotel in Shirlington."  Rachie always knows how to party!

And being the rock star aunt that she is, Rachie did not disappoint in the gift department.  She brought the kids Easter gifts galore!  Adeline got a precious gown with her name and a bunny on it, a very soft lamb throw pillow mat so she can lounge in style on the floor and a pair of purple bunny ears.  William scored a cute frog puzzle and a pair of green bunny ears.  THANK YOU RACHIE!

I don't think Rachel stopped moving the entire time she was in town.  If she wasn't holding Adeline, William would have her all to himself.  Together they baked a colossal cupcake, went for a skutt bike ride, flew a million airplanes, read books, did puzzles, ate pizza and discussed life through the eyes of a 4 year old.  Just having her in town was a special treat!  You better believe that Dan and I thought long and hard about convincing her to stay!  

 I was SO THANKFUL to have her help and spend a long weekend with my sister and my mom.  We had fun with the kiddos, but we also had a GREAT time just the 3 of us.  We shopped and went out to eat while Dan stayed home with William and Adeline.   It was a wonderful way to spend time with just the Johnston girls! 

We love you Rachie!  Thanks for taking time off from your busy work schedule to come meet little Adeline and party with William.  You are simply THE BEST!


rachelglomset@gmail.com said...

Wow!! Thanks for the very sweet post. I had the BEST time and loved every second with you all. Those kiddos are the greatest and I'm so happy I had so much time with them and you! Miss you guys and sending lots of hugs and kisses! Love you!

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