Saturday, April 23, 2011

Uncle Roo is in the house!

Uncle Ryan or "Roo" as we like to call him, came to town to meet baby Adeline last weekend.  He was suppose to land around 4:30pm on Saturday, but due to extreme weather conditions in VA his plane was diverted to Allen Town, PA.  We thought it might be a close call, but he made it to our house on Saturday night around midnight.  We were ready and waiting to welcome him.  After all, we were wide awake with the star of the show - Miss Adeline.

No one was more fired up to see Ryan than William.  He had been counting down the days just waiting for Uncle Ryan.  William wasted no time at all and proudly showed off all the airplanes and his incredibly impressive Ipad airplane game skills.  
Ryan, Dan and William were able to squeeze in a Washington Nationals game at the ol' ball park too.  This was loads of fun for everyone and William's first time at a real baseball game.  He even took his mit in case any pop flies came their way.  The ball park has a great playground area for kids, so Dan and Ryan let William race down the slides and even bought him a ball cap.  
Tuesday arrived too soon and it was time to send Ryan back to OKC.  William was terribly sad to see Ryan leave (even though right before the send off he fell asleep and missed the whole thing), but I assured him that we'd get to see him again this summer.  William asked if we could make a paper chain to count down the days......such a sweet little fellow.

Thank you SO MUCH ROO!  It meant the world to me that you were so excited to come meet Adeline.  I am lucky to have such an awesome brother and William and Adeline are blessed to have such a rockstar Uncle.  We love ya!

- I am still trying to find the ONE picture I took of Ryan holding must be on my other camera chip.


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