Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bonded forever.

Adeline was born on a Monday morning at Inova Alexandria Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia.  During the winter months, the hospital placed restrictions on visitors to the maternity ward.  This was because they had experienced several whooping cough and RSV outbreaks among their patients.  However, by the powers that be, the ban was lifted only two days before my c-section. 

This meant that William had the opportunity to come to the hospital and meet his baby sister.

I mulled this idea over for days.  Part of me wanted him to come to the hospital the day she arrived so he could be a part of the excitement and finally meet the little person we'd been talking about for SO LONG!  Then, the other half of me was nervous to have him come by and see me with an IV in my arm, sitting in the hospital bed and not able to get up and hug him.  It was also VERY IMPORTANT to me that if and when he did come to the hospital, I would be in a good state of mind and not loopy or in a fog from the medication.  I wanted to REMEMBER THE MOMENT he was going to meet Adeline so badly that I really wanted to make sure I was "with it."

As it turned out, I was in a great state of mind (thanks to the meds!) and Dan and I decided we'd let him come meet Adeline on Monday night.  So, Pops and Bebe took him to the cafeteria for dinner and when he entered our room, Dan had the video camera rolling.

I have NEVER EVER seen a smile so bright on my little boy's face as I did on Monday, March 21st.  He was SO THRILLED to meet Adeline.  He walked up to her and softly kissed her cheeks. He bent over and whispered in a small voice, "hi!  I am William, your big brother.  You are sooooooo cuuuuuuute!"  He wanted to hold her immediately, so he climbed up in my bed and I handed him his baby sister.  He was SO PROUD and his smile is emblazoned in my memory forever.  He stroked her hands, kissed her head, told her "don't cry.  It's ok!" in the softest, most gentle voice.  He wouldn't put her down.  

Love at first sight.  A bond like no other.

I am so happy Dan got it all on video.  I can't wait to show it to William and Adeline when they are older.  I hope that they will see their unspoken affection for each other and the instant connection that links their souls. Sibling are irreplaceable.  A bond that can't be broken.  A love that is never ending.  

P.S.  William did ask me about the IV in my arm.  I told him it was just like the fuel tank that brings gas to the airplanes and gives them fuel to fly, only mom mom's was water to keep me full of energy.  He shrugged his shoulders and was over it pretty quick.


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