Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grandparents Day and Spring Program

 Last Friday was Grandparents Day at William's school.  Bebe and Pops were delighted to attend the festivities and they came into town on Wednesday afternoon.  William was so excited to see them and could hardly wait as we circled the airport and waited in cell phone parking.  He was quickly united with Bebe and Pops and his smile stretched from ear to ear!

Wednesday afternoon was pretty low key.  William wanted to show Bebe and Pops his airplanes (like they have never seen them before!) and told Pops that he could read the night night stories and sleep in his tent made of pillows.  Pops was thrilled and happily joined in on the fun!

Thursday we took William to school and spent the morning "oooooo-ing" and "aweeeee-ing" over Miss Adeline.  Bebe can really get her to talk and smile which is fabulous entertainment!  Pops took the car and hit all his shops (Orvis, REI, and perhaps a few others....) and then the four of us headed to school to pick up William.  Later that afternoon, Pops and I took William to tumbling.  He loves it.  His favorite parts are the obstacle course area and the foam pit.  It's a real hoot to watch him do a forward roll, leg extensions and walk the beam.  I am very impressed how far he's come in just a few months, let alone how good the exercises are for his muscle strength and balance.  There is even a Tarzan swing that he thinks is pretty "risky but awesome."  Well done WBB.

Friday finally arrived.  Grandparents Day at preschool.  William wore his Sunday best to school and escorted Bebe and Pops inside the building.  Bebe and Pops went to chapel and then upstairs to the Grandparent Tea sponsored by the school.  I arrived with Adeline and the two of us staked out prime seating for the ol' Spring Program. 

The show started around 10:45 and lasted a LONG hour.  Thankfully, preschool was first up and William was able to perform and sit back down.  William's class recited Hickory Dickory Dock and then played it on the xylophone.  This was WBB's first stab at a musical instrument and I'd say he's gifted.  This is the best picture I got - he's on the second row behind the kid leaning over 

Adeline was the picture of perfection.  She never made a peep and either stared at the ceiling or slept the entire time.  I had fun dressing her up for the big event and I thought she looked adorable....what do you think?

After the show, we all went to lunch at Clydes and headed back to the house for a nap.  Dan and I quickly packed our bags and headed out of town for the night leaving Bebe and Pops in charge of the kiddos!  Did I mention how much we love Bebe and Pops??!!!  THANK YOU for taking care of our prized possessions so that we could escape to the Bavarian Inn in West Virginia.  

Dan and I stopped for a little outlet shopping and then went on over to the Inn.  We decided to have dinner in the Pub basement of the German Inn.  It was very cool - lots of dark wood, beamed ceiling, piano player, German beer steins at the bar, etc.  Great atmosphere and EXCELLENT food.  We enjoyed our time together and sadly, couldn't remember our last getaway with just the two of us. 

I guess that's what happens when you are busy with a 4 year old, pregnant and unable to travel for 10 months.  Wouldn't change it for the world, but it sure showed us how important it is to take a break for ourselves.  Did I mention that I got to sleep ALL NIGHT - such a treat to miss that 3 am feeding.  THANK YOU BEBE FOR TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM with Miss Adeline!

Pops and William decided to have a boys night at the hotel while we were out of town.  They lived it up at the Hilton Shirlington.  First they snagged a few complimentary cookies at the check in desk and then decided to hit the swimming pool.  Armed with super soakers, Pops and WBB spent about 1.5 hours in the pool having a blast!  William said it was one of his most favorite parts of the trip.  They also feasted on popcorn and watched airplanes take off out the windows.  William was in heaven!  Pops topped off the night with silly stories about two kids - Mutt and Jeff.  Apparently, the stories are very detailed and hilarious.  William told me that he doesn't think I am as good of a storyteller as Pops.  Tear.

Saturday afternoon Dan and I returned from our trip to find our precious peanuts as happy as can be.  William didn't even know we went out of town.....where's the love?



krhjohns said...

Your dad just sounds like the cutest grandpa. I can totally picture him and William with supersoakers in the hotel pool. So hilarious. Well done, Mr. Johnston.

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