Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The PRICE of a dear friend.

My good friend Meredith Price was in town a few weeks ago.  She lived here for a year while her husband was working downtown in swanky law firm.  We have a mutual friend (THANK YOU AMY!) who hooked us up when Meredith first learned she would be making the pilgrimage to the east coast.    I am forever grateful that Amy told a very upset Meredith "to call her friend from college who lives in D.C. and would be her buddy" in a town where Meredith knew no one.  We became fast friends and our kiddos too. Madeline and William are the same age and attended First Baptist preschool together.  William remembers Maddie in pictures which I think is so sweet. 

Meredith and her family moved back to Louisiana which was a very sad day for Megsy.  I miss her terribly, but I am so thankful that God placed her in my life. We'll always be friends who just pick back up right where we left off and talk for hours.  The best part is that she's one of those pals who is just content hanging around doing nothing special at all.  

Love her for that.

So I was doing cartwheels in the living room when I heard Meredith was coming to D.C. for a quick weekend.  I was so excited and counted down the days until my little friend I so adore came a knockin' at my door.  Meredith got to meet Adeline and spend the day just doing well, nothing special at all.

Our visit was one of the most fun days I have had in awhile.

Love her for that.

Meredith is one of the most creative people I have ever met.  I felt our "kindred spirit" when I first learned she loves to do crafts, chomps on Sonic ice, enjoys thinking up creative parties, and embraces special snack day.....not to mention her vocabulary is stupendously witty and she throws around "y'all" in about every other sentence.  

Love her for that. 

William is really into drawing these days and loves a good craft too.  So he gave Meredith rockstar status when she busted out the paints in the living room.  

Of course, William painted airplanes.  Meredith...well, she can do just about anything.  So, I asked her to paint a little sign for Adeline's nook.  Isn't it precious?  It took Meredith about 10 minutes to whip up that little gem.  

Love her for that.

Besides her artsy fartsy talents, Meredith can take great pictures.  We spontaneously decided to go outside so I could have her take a few pictures of me with the kids (since I do most of the picture taking and I am never in them!).  In about 30 minutes, Meredith was able to capture these sweet moments for me.  They are some of my very favorite pictures with both my children in my arms.  Thank you Meredith.  I will treasure them always.  

 Just her presence brings a little slice of home into my life.  And when you are far away from dear friends and family....well, you just can't put a meredith PRICE on that feeling!  

And I love her for that.


meredith said...

megsy...i seriously have TEARS in my eyes! i just loved my day with you and your sweet babies! what a precious tribute about a precious friendship...i feel the same way about you!

i love those kind of friends where time spent apart makes no difference...and YOU fall in that category for me!

can't wait to spend another day with you...maybe we can sneak you down to louisiana...because Y'ALL would love it!!!! :)

love you'll always have a piece of my grateful heart!!!!

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