Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slip n' slide into summer!

Memorial Day is behind us and so it's the start of summer around our house!  Today was a HOT 95 degrees  outside, so we cooled off with our friends, The Spence clan.  Campbell is William's best buddy at preschool and these two boys have talked about Campbell's slip n' slide for over a week.  They've even practiced their sliding form in the Spence family kitchen - sorry Jane! 
Since it was killer hot today, Jane and Campbell invited William over to test out the slip n' slide.  Waiting 5 days until the big play date just about sent William over the edge.  He woke up every morning asking how many more days until he gets to go to Campbell's house and play in the water.......F.U.N. is an understatement!

Today was the day.  I stopped by Pizza Hut and grabbed lunch before picking William up at school.  We raced over to Campbell's house where Water Fest 2011 was set up in the backyard.  I don't know who got in their swim gear faster - William or Campbell, but one thing was for sure....these boys were SO EXCITED.  They grabbed William's super soaker water guns and headed for the slides.  
Campbell showed William how to slip n' slide and then WBB took to the mat.  After his first round, he shouted "Mom Mom this is SO FUN! Can we get a slip n' slide for Bebe's backyard!!!??"  The smiles on their faces were priceless.  Our boys spend about 1.5 hours outside just playing and having a great time in the water.

William enjoyed a popsicle and after many tears (because he didn't want to leave), it was time to go home and cool off.  He cried and cried telling me how much fun he had, how he cannot wait to have a slip n' slide at his house for Campbell to play on, how I am his best friend, how he loved the Pizza Hut pizza we ate, and why was there not more juice on the Iphone so he could play his games on the drive home......can you say WORN OUT?

I didn't have my good camera so these are all off my phone.  And just in case you are looking for her, Miss Adeline was present at Water Fest 2011.  Here she is - all smiles!

Thank you Jane and Campbell for such a fun afternoon!  Summer is no bummer when we have friends like you to play with!  Here's to more good times!


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