Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adeline is 5 months old!


Adeline, you are now 5 months old and growing every day.  You are 18 pounds 10 ounces, and you wear a size 4 diaper and 6-9 month clothes depending on what they are.  Your hair is thinning out AND it's changing to a lighter shade of brown.   If you are in the light just right, I can see hints of blonde underneath the brown.  Your eyes are still blue but they are not as bright.  I think you might end up with hazel eyes, but who knows!  

The big update for you this month is your introduction to rice cereal.  William gave you the first bite on a plastic spoon in our kitchen and you had NO CLUE what to think.  Your face turned sour and you cried.  ha!  We only gave you about 2 bites before we decided it was just not a big deal.  So, we took a break and tried again one week later.  The second time we gave you the cereal, you seemed to tolerate our attempts.  I started making the cereal soupy to help you get use to it.  Now, 4 weeks later you cannot get enough of cereal!  You now like it thicker and the funny thing is that everyday around 4pm you get excited and want to EAT instead of taking a bottle of milk.  So, 4pm is cereal time!  You know exactly what is coming your way when I put you in the high chair.  You kick your legs and start shrieking with delight.  I cannot make it fast enough for you!  

UPDATE:  The doctor in OKC doesn't think you have eczema!  He thinks it might just be a touch of dry skin.  I hope so!

The other big deal for you this month is our first battle with eczema.  I have watched so many friends deal with eczema on their baby's skin and I always wished that my kids would avoid the "itchys."  It just seems to be a bug, and none of my friends have a solid cure for the condition.  It just doesn't look comfortable.  Well my sweet baby girl, I think you have eczema on your left leg.  So far, the worst signs are in the cracks of your skin where your ankle meets the front of your foot.  The other spots are on the backside of your left leg right where your knee joint is located.  My heart goes out to you!  I have tried my best to keep you from trying to scratch your foot and I think I have finally found a couple of good creams.   You are a champion at tearing off band aids, so I just try to keep the areas moisturized.  Hopefully when we return to VA the humidity will restore your baby fine skin.

You are such a joy to your family and everyone you meet.  You are CONSTANTLY smiling.  If I tickle you under the arms, you just howl!  Your giggles are infectious and I cannot stop kissing on your adorable face.  You can almost sit up on your own and you actually prefer to sit up rather than laying on your tummy or back.  You can roll side to side.  You are so funny with your pacifier.  I love to watch you pop it in and out of your mouth and pick it up and stick it in your mouth.  You are perfectly content without it, but it does help soothe you when you are sleepy.

You still take 30 minute naps throughout the day, but at night you will sleep from 7pm until about 5:30 pm.  I usually give you a 5:30 am bottle and you will go back to sleep until 6:45am or 7am.  You are partial to one particular blanket in your bed (and it's not even cute!) and I have found that keeping this blanket nearby helps you go to sleep!  You are also very good about being in your bed to fall asleep instead of needing to fall asleep on Mommy or Dadddy.  We LOVE to hold you and take advantage of it often, but I do know that you like to stretch out in your bed.  

You also babble and talk all the time.  You say DADADADA over and over again, but I don't think you associate it with your "Dada" quite yet.  Also, when you are terribly sleepy, you will close your eyes and babble your way to sleep.  

Adeline, we adore you.  Not a day goes by that I don't look at you and find myself mesmerized by your presence.  I am so proud of you and wish time would stand still so I can snuggle your tiny (but big) body just a bit longer!  I love to carry you around the house and tell you about everything I am doing while you watch me in wonder.  

William asks everyone, " have you seen my baby?  do you know what my baby can do?"  He also calls you "his girl," "his baby," "his best girl," and "his lovey dovey."  It lights up my heart!

We love you Adeline!


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