Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We have been having a blast here in OKC!  The weather is SO HOT - in the hundreds!  But, we haven't let it slow us down.  I tend to get William (and sometimes Adeline) up and out the door in the early morning when the temps are in the low 90s (believe me, you feel a huge difference!) and we run some errands with Bebe or meet up with a friend at the park.  It's enough to feel like we are out and about with the world and gives William an adventure.  One of his biggest thrills has been riding in Bebe's new minivan!  He LOVES it and keeps asking me when we are getting one for our house!  Maybe one day - I must admit they make 'em pretty swanky now!

One afternoon during a driving adventure, we ended up close to Wiley Post Airport.  Like a magnet, William recognized the area around us (which always shocks me. great memory that kid!) and asked if we could eat lunch at "that place Pops took me too where they have the fence and you can walk up and see the airplanes."  He was talking about The Runway Cafe at the Wiley Post Airport.  Since it was 115 degrees and we had no plans, we made a mad dash to the cafe for lunch with my little pilot.  He was over the top delighted.  We grabbed a window seat and watched a few private planes take off and land on the runways.  William was in his element!  LOVED IT!

Then we ran into an old friend, Jim Johnson.  He was having lunch and told us how he flies his Piper Saratoga for the Angel Flight group.  Angel Flights are for very sick or injured people who need transportation for their families to hospitals out of the immediate area and even out of the state of Oklahoma.  He invited us to come over to his hangar after lunch so William could see his plane in person.

I think this was the highlight of our OKC vacation!

We got to the hangar and William could barely stay seated until we stopped the car.  He leaped out of the minivan and walked right over to the plane.  It was pristine - shiny red and off white.  Jim came out to greet William and William spoke right up. He asked a ton of questions, looked at the airport map, gave Jim some insightful airplane statistics and "wowed" Jim with his wealth of aeronautical information.   Mr. Jim let William climb in the seats and sit in the cockpit.  He got to press the controls, test the flaps, listen to air traffic control and move the gears.   My little guy smiled from ear to ear and he could CARE LESS that we were standing in an airplane hangar in 115 degree heat.  He loved every second of his private tour.  Mr. Jim even gave William a cute Angel Flight t-shirt and toy airplane.   THANK YOU SO MUCH!

After that impromptu thrill, we headed home to cool off.  We've had lots of fun since the airplane tour including bouncing in the bounce house with Elin, making mud pies in the backyard, putting hand prints in the newly paved driveway, playing in the Omniplex and just hanging out!

We are off on vacation to Colorado tomorrow and our reunion with Dada.  Oh how we have missed our Dada!  As I said earlier, I have lots of pictures but will have to upload them when we return to VA.  I will keep you posted as we bask in the glorious surroundings of the Broadmoor.

And, my sweet little Adeline is more precious than ever.  I just want to freeze time and enjoy 4.5 months old for a little longer.  I can't stop kissing her fat cheeks and scooping her up in my arms! She reaches out for me with a grin that melts the sun.  The mix of rice cereal and spit up is scrumptious to me and I could bury my nose in her belly forever.  She is always smiling, loves to blow bubbles, screams and hollers in pure delight, and is growing like a weed.  She is delightful to be around even though she naps about 30 minutes at a time!  She sleeps through the night (thank you rice cereal) and I LOVE to hear her babbling in her crib around 5am.  It's the best excuse for an early morning wake up call.  I usually go in and scoop her up and she snuggles right on my shoulder. I give her a bottle which she downs in about 10 minutes and then she takes a snooze in our bed until 7am.  I get a little more rest and then spend quiet moments watching her dream.  I love you baby girl!  You are the delight of my heart!


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