Thursday, August 4, 2011

OKC in August 2011

We are in OKC for the month of August and we are pretty much sweating our tails off.  The weather is a cool 90 degrees at 7AM, and by noon it is a mild 112 degrees.   every single day.  BUT, we don't care!  William, Adeline and I are so happy to be here!  The weather has not stopped us from having a blast.

I am using my mom's computer and I don't know how to load my pictures onto her computer.  So,  I am going to keep blogging and load the pictures once we get back to VA.  

The flight from BWI to OKC was a piece of cake.  My pilot, William, is a champion flyer and Miss Adeline was a gem.  When my kids are babies, I take the night flight so the youngest will sleep.  Works like a charm.  Adeline had her bottle and slept the entire 3 hour flight.  Pilot William played games on the Ipad and gave me a detailed play by play of the skies from his window seat.  We arrived on the 31st around 9pm - 92 degrees upon our arrival.

William spent the first day at Bebe and Pop's house reuniting with his playroom of toys.  He was thrilled to see his airplanes were intact, his parking garage still worked and he spent a lot of time rummaging through the basket of odds and ends toys.  He was perfectly content.  We even had a visit from Mac and Meme!

I went over to Ryan and Jessica's house to meet my new nephew, Reece William Johnston.  He's a real cutey patootie and big sister, Elin, is oh-so proud of her new status!  Elin has come over to play several times which has been very fun for William and given Jessica a break.

Bebe and Pops showed William and Elin their new present - A HUGE BOUNCE HOUSE!  They couldn't stand to wait for Pop's to blow it up, so why not fire up the bounce house in their bedroom?  ROCK ON!  The kids thought it was the coolest thing and bounced their brains out into the evening.  

The next afternoon, I took William and Adeline over to Bubba and Gram's house for lunch.  Gram loved her important job of watching Adeline and giving her a tasty bottle while I sat outside and watched William climb on the water fountain in the backyard.  Bubba found some airplanes in the garage and he and William spent a good chunk of time discussing the parts and packing them up to fly in Bebe's yard.  

I'd say the first few days of our vacation have been loads of fun!  We can't wait to see Dada in CO next week!


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