Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adeline's Baptism

While in OKC, our family shared the joy of Adeline's baptism.  Our little family also hosted brunch for family and close friends to honor Miss Adeline and celebrate her special day.

My sweet mother in law offered to buy Adeline's christening gown and I will always treasure her very kind gesture.  I am such a sucker for tradition and when William was baptized at 6 months, he was too big (fat) for a traditional gown so he wore a white jon jon with a cross embroidered on the collar.  It was perfect for his big day.  But even still, I have always wanted a long traditional gown to cherish and pass down through the family.  I found exactly what I envisioned - a long white cotton gown with hand cut lace, pintucks, embroidered flowers and exquisite details.  I LOVE it and my Adeline looked like an angel wearing it at the alter.  Thank you Gram.  For what might have seemed like a small gift truly turned out to be a treasured heirloom.

Adeline was baptized on Sunday, August 21, 2011 in the 10:50 a.m. service at St. Lukes United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City.  Dr. Long performed the ceremony which made the event even more special as he also married Dan and me and baptized William.  He's a dear family friend too.
Adeline was the picture of adorableness the entire time she was up at the alter.  Dada held her and she didn't even budge when Dr. Long placed the water on her head.  She looked around like, "what in the world are you guys doing to me!!"  But, when Dr. Long turned her to face the audience, Adeline's little bottom lip quivered and for a second she was scared.  It was very sweet, but my heart when out to her too!
William was a rock star brother.  He stood at the front of the alter and just watched as we "showed Adeline to everyone and celebrated her life with God."  I might also add that he looked quite dapper in his seersucker suit!  A proud big brother for sure!!

After the ceremony and church service, we came back to Bebe and Pop's house for brunch.  I wanted to keep the menu easy, kid friendly and delicious, so we went with fried chicken, salad, fruit, rolls and chips.  Quite the crowd pleaser.  For dessert, I wanted to have a pretty white cake with a cross on top that stayed feminine and "sweet baby".  I found a picture online and asked a wedding cake baker to copy it.  It was PERFECT and exactly what I wanted Adeline to have on her special day.  Bows, lace detail, a cross and loads of frosting.  Who wouldn't want a bite of this beauty?  I also had some lamb cookies made to match the invitation.

The invitations to Adeline's brunch were sweet baby lambs wearing gold bells around their necks.  On the bell is a gold cross.  I thought they were so pretty and perfect for a little baby girl's christening, so the the "little lamb" theme was born.  I purchased lamb Beanie Babies as party favors for the girls and paper glider sets for the boys.  I printed cards with this bible verse and tied them to the favors. 

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.  - John 10:27-28

 They all sat in a silver bowl by the front door.

I used pink and white striped cotton tablecloths that Bebe already had on hand and I placed a cute pink and white polka dot runner on top of them.  We used white dishes and the kiddie table used pink paper plates and paper cups.  I purchased pink napkins off Ebay and had her monogram placed on them in white ink.
I also ordered this adorable ADELINE name sign off Etsy and placed it on the fireplace.  There is a cross at each end and I am going to save it for Adeline's birthdays and celebrations in the future.

And then the flowers.....boy howdy, the flowers.  WOW.  It all started with my request for a flower cross made out of florist foam.  We have family friend, George, who is in the flower business and he offered to "help me out."  I NEVER dreamed he'd bring me so many flowers.  I mean, just look at the pictures.  They are AMAZING!  The flowers seemed endless and were a sea of glorious pink.  It was beyond my expectations and I will always remember how adorable the tables looked.  I have always LOVED LOVED LOVED ribbon, so George added ribbons to the centerpieces.   How cute is this?

The whole celebration turned out exactly as I had hoped.  All the details lined up perfectly and I had such a great time basking in the world of frills and pinkness.  I am so thankful for our family members who were able to celebrate our baby girl.

Adeline, you will always be more than just my sweet baby girl.  You are my answered prayer.  You are truly a gift from God.  Not a day goes by that I don't look up to the heavens and thank the Lord for giving me my second baby.  I love you beyond the stars.


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