Saturday, January 28, 2012

You Blow Me Away!

Bella and her mom hosted a Valentine's Day party for Adeline's playgroup.  Each of the babies brought a valentine to exchange with their friends.  All the babies love bubbles and Adeline's valentine was easy to whip up.  With the help of cousin Meredith, I attached these adorable tags to bottles of bubbles.

The tag reads, "You Blow Me Away! Love, Adeline"

The party was adorable.  Bella's mom is so creative and she is also a talented photographer.  One of the activities included a photo shoot complete with a Valentine's Day backdrop.  I cannot wait to see how Adeline's pictures turn out!  I will be sure to report back with a post about them.

Here's a picture of the whole lovin' crew.  Jack is the hunk of burnin' love in the middle.  He's got all those ladies drooling over him. 

Adeline loved the party and always enjoys playgroup.  I think she likes to see new toys and observe little people her age.  Playgroup days are always great nap days for my little lady!

Happy Early Valentine's Day


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