Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Anna visits Santa

Since moving to Tulsa, I have met two friends who each have baby girls 2 weeks younger than Anna.  Amanda is my friend from middle school and she has lived in Tulsa the last 4 years.  Her baby girl is Maggie.  Through Amanda, I met Stephanie.  Stephanie happens to live around the corner from me and she also has a baby girl, Claire.  Claire and Maggie are 7 hours apart.  Anna is the oldest of the bunch as she was born 2 weeks before her friends.

The fun part about meeting babies Anna's age is that Maggie and Claire both have siblings at Holland Hall.  And, these three girls will be classmates.  So, we (the moms) think it is pretty special to have these memories when our kids are 2 months old.  Maybe these pictures will reappear in a Senior slideshow at graduation.

Last week, we got together for lunch in Utica Square and took the girls to see Santa.  We all laughed because this year is probably the easiest year to take a child to see Santa.  They don't have a clue what is going on and there is no reason to cry!  Each little lady was wide eyed!


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