Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa House 2012

Every year after Thanksgiving, Utica Square sets up their Christmas Santa House.  It's an adorable little red, green and white cottage about the size of a child's playhouse.  Santa and Mrs. Claus are inside ready and waiting for all the children to stop by for a visit.


Last year when I took Adeline and William we went after school on a random week day.  It proved to be an excellent choice because there wasn't a line and we had plenty of time to visit with Santa and take a ton of pictures.  So this year, I tried the same tactic and it worked like a charm!  I dressed Adeline in her Christmas red and just put Anna in the car seat without dressing her up.....I know, I know.  I probably should have made the effort, but truthfully, it was chilly outside and if Santa was going to hold Anna, she'd be rolled up in a ball anyway.

This picture kills me.  It's probably my most favorite picture of Adeline this year.  This completely encompasses my precious 20 month old love bug.  If I could, I would freeze time for her at this age.  Yes, she's BUSY BUSY and has given me many a gray hair, but her personality is infectious.  I want to be her when I grow up.

I spent all day Wednesday talking to Adeline about Santa.  The couple of times that we've seen Santa, Adeline has had a death grip on my neck or she has buried her head in my chest on the verge of tears. So, I gave her the complete play by play about a dozen times - we'd pick up William and then William, Adeline and Anna would go see Santa.  Adeline will sit on Santa's lap and say, "CHHHEESSEE!" while Mom took pictures.  I told her to be brave and wear a smile and that Santa is a friend.  In the back of my mind I had no idea if she understood what I was saying, but I hoped she'd have fun and not freak out when she got close to Santa.  I think she understood me a little because once I got her dressed, I asked her "Adeline, who are we going to see?"  and she smiled really big and said, "E-AH and Ho! Ho!" - that is, "William and Santa."

Game on.

So we loaded up in the car and grabbed William at school.  He was excited to go inside the Santa house and mostly to get the cookie that is handed out afterwards.  He was a real sport and threw on a red sweater I packed.....I wanted him to wear something festive instead of his school uniform.....ha!

We drove right up and parked in front of the Santa house.  There were no lines - YEA!  William talked to Adeline in an overly excited voice which got her really pumped up for the big event.   Adeline was excited and walked with William to the front door.  Mrs. Claus let them inside and I held my breath when Adeline saw Santa.....I braced myself for her to jump in my arms, but my girl was so calm.  She watched William hop up on Santa's lap but Adeline would have nothing to do with sitting on his lap too.  Instead, she found a stool that was right next to him and happily climbed onto the seat.  She sat very still and NEVER cracked a smile.  But she did it.  She got close enough to Santa for a picture.  I was really proud of her.  She didn't really want to look at him, but instead she just looked at me and turned her face away from Santa when he'd look at her.  I think it helped a ton that William was with us.  Adeline LOVES her big brother and I know he gave her the boost of confidence she needed to participate in our Santa visit.  Love you sweet Adeline and Mama is so proud of you!

William discussed the logistics of flying a sleigh...pretty complex and lots of questions from my pilot.  Then Santa and I had a little informal chat with William about how Santa just can't get every child EVERYTHING on their wish list.  And that's ok.  It's more important to be grateful for the toys that Santa does leave for us.  Because Santa knows just what William really needs to have fun.

The kids enjoyed their cookie and we walked around Utica for a little while before heading home. 

Looking at these pictures makes me amazed by God's plans for our lives.  I knew in my heart that I needed my Anna, but I NEVER dreamed in a million years that God would answer my prayer so swiftly.  Last year, Anna wasn't here to visit Santa with us, and one year later, she has arrived and she is in our Christmas pictures!  What a dream come true!  My 3 precious babies!

Merry Christmas!  Here's to the start of a fun and festive month!


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