Friday, December 14, 2012

We welcomed Grand Elf 2012

December always brings the long anticipated arrival of our family elf, Grand Elf.  William has been waiting all month for the jolly red fellow to appear and on Saturday, December 8th, Grand Elf returned to the Barron house.

Every year, Grand Elf shows up on a random morning in December.  He spends all night rummaging through our pantry in order to prepare a festive North Pole theme breakfast for the kids.  William loves this day and looks forward to it with such excitement.  This was the first year that Adeline was big enough to "get it" and Grand Elf was a real treat for her too.


Saturday morning the kids came downstairs and William's eyes popped open and his face shined ear to ear with a big ol' smile.  "MOM!  COME QUICK!  GRAND ELF is back and he brought us a North Pole breakfast!  Come fast!  You've got to see this!" 

I raced down the stairs and low and behold, Grand Elf had worked his magic.  He set the table for our annual North Pole breakfast complete with Santa and Roudolph waffles, reindeer food (cereal mix), North Pole snowballs (donuts) and jolly little Santa straw cups.  Grand Elf really knows how much we love traditions around here....his North Pole breakfast is certainly tops in my book!




  As always, Grand Elf graciously brought the kids a toy and their Christmas pajamas.  William received an activity book full of mazes and puzzles as well as a little pinball game.  Adeline got a pink recorder which she used as a stir stick before testing it for a tune!  And sweet Anna baby got a
Santa headband.

William was completely thrilled to know that Grand Elf had not forgotten the Barron family.  He proudly read the note that was warpped up in Grand Elf's arms. Our elf even brought along a new friend this year who William named Peppermint. 

Adeline loved Grand Elf and Peppermint too. Since they are here for the month of December, she happily totes the two around the house with her baby dolls.  William has caught Grand Elf up to speed on the Ipad and looks for him every morning. 

Welcome to our home Grand Elf!  We are thrilled to have you back safe and sound from the North Pole.  We cannot wait to see what kind of trouble you get into this year. 


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