Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Play Ball!

William and Dan like to attend the ORU baseball games. Dan gets the company box seats and ends up taking William to most evening weekday games. But on Sunday, he happened to have enough tickets for the whole Barron crew.

So we packed up and made it to the ballpark for the last 2 or 3 innings......plenty of time to soak up some of scene before the kids lost interest. William is playing baseball this year with his school, so he had lots of logistical questions. Adeline sat quiet as a mouse and watched the game. It is rare for that gal to sit still!

When the game was over, we walked around ORU, took a break in the student center and then headed to a shady spot where Dan and William practiced playing catch. I suited up at the end and ran a few bases while William practiced tagging me "out."

We were beat by evening!


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