Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spray Parks!

Hurray!  The spray parks are finally open and my kids are lovin' them.  We have hit a few around town, but the first one we chose was The Guthrie Green.  The Guthrie Green is a large grassy park downtown.  There are spray fountains and a large stage for performers.  I took the kids around 5pm on a Friday evening and Dan met us there after work.

The spray fountains were not crowded at all, but there were a ton of people doing Yoga on the lawn.  It was kinda funny to watch!

William loves a good spray park, but I sense that he's growing out of them a bit.  He likes to play in the water and run through the fountains, but he gets a little bored sooner than he use too.  On the other hand, Adeline has to be carried away kicking and screaming.  Last year, Adeline was 14 months old and just waddled through the water because we told her too.  This year, she "gets it" and oh boy, she goes nuts!  She had more fun running through the water with William.  They made up games as they ran through the water and Adeline just laughed and smiled the whole time.  It sure is fun to watch the moments when my kids experience something new and I can see the "wow" factor in their eyes.  This year for Adeline, the spray park was one of those moments.

Anna baby just sat in the stroller and watched the water shoot up in the air.  She had a good time but after 45 minutes, she was done.  Adeline was freezing by this point, but she was determined not to leave.  She was shaking as she raced through the water.  She's get wet and then race back into Dada's arms to warm up in her towel and then race back to the water, etc.  It was not a pretty picture when we had to leave......

But don't worry.......

Bebe loaned us this sucker for the backyard!  The Barron waterpark is now open for business!


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