Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Philbrook Museum art camp

Last summer, William participated in an art camp hosted by The Philbrook Museum in Tulsa.  He had such a great time and came home with fantastic artwork.  I was so impressed with the camp program and promised William he could take another class this summer.

So the day camp registration opened, I was on my computer!  The classes are really popular and there are only a couple of art camps geared for 6 year olds.   I knew there was a big chance the classes would fill quickly, but I was able to get William his first choice.  This year, he wanted to take the class called, "Once Upon A Time."  The theme was popular children's books with award winning illustrations.  William spent 5 days listening to the stories and exploring The Philbrook's art collection.  The campers toured various museum exhibits and prepared some impressive masterpieces. 

On the last day of camp there was an art show for families.  It's held in the basement of the museum and last year, it was super crowded.  Strollers are not allowed, so I left Anna at home and took Adeline with me.  She loved seeing the art room every day when we picked William up, so I thought she would enjoy seeing his final projects and of course, a cookie at the reception.

William was really proud of his artwork.  He told us every step he took to create his paintings, his self portrait, his Indian, and his stamp art.  Well done WBB!  Next summer we are aiming for the sculpture class.  Eat your heart out Picasso.


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