Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birthday Parties and Face Paint

Adeline was recently invited to two birthday parties.  One was for her friends Maggie and Peter Kloberdanz who turned 1 and 2.  The other party was in honor of her bud, John Robert, who turned 2.

Maggie and Peter had a party in their backyard called "Paint a Pony."  It was exactly that.  A small horse arrived half way through the event and all the kiddos got a turn painting his body.  There were also bunny rabbits and a rooster in attendance.  Adeline LOVES animals so she was very excited about the thought of seeing a real pony upclose.  She waited in the front yard while the pony was delivered in a hot pink trailer and she just beamed in awe when she laid eyes on the horse.  She was very cautious, but in total wonder.  She LOVED seeing the bunnies and having the chance to pet them.

Adeline liked looking at the pony, but she didn't want to paint him.  She was too busy playing with race cars and climbing the fort......and then she saw the face paint.

I had no idea what she'd think about face paint.  William would not touch it until he was 4.  On the other hand, Adeline made a B line for the painting chair as if she was running towards a long lost friend.  She climbed up in that chair and sat as still as statue while the artist painted a heart on her hand.  Then the artist added glitter and that pretty much sealed the deal.  Next thing ya know, Adeline was transformed into a pink glittery fairy.  AND SHE LOVED IT!  I mean, the girl knew she had a little magic on her face and boy was she proud.  Any chance she could, she would steal a glimpse of herself in the mirror and just beam.  Face paint was quickly added to her vocabulary.

We even went to an event at Utica for a little more paint!

The following week we hit a 2nd birthday party for our bud, John Robert.  His party was a fun relaxed family party at home.  There was a bouce house, water table, roller coaster, sand play and a big backyard with a ball.  Who needs anything else!

The kids had a great time and the parents enjoyed fabulous food and conversation.  It's safe to say the Barron trio slept well that night!

Happy Birthday to our friends.  We are so thankful for each of you.

Our whole family went and had a great time. William was thrilled that John Robert had a bounce house. 


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