Monday, November 4, 2013


Happy Halloween 2013 from Princess Ballerina, The Army Guy and The White Bunny!

The kids had a great time on Halloween night.  We went to the Carter's house for dinner and game with several other families.  We went to their house last year and had a great time.  The kids run around and everyone eats dinner before hitting the streets.  This year, the Carter kids requested a piñata for the party and it was a hit with all the little people!

This year, we decided not to trick-o-treat with the group.  Dan and I weren't sure how long Anna would participate trick-o-treating, so we felt more comfortable going at our own pace.  The kids didn't care at all and so after dinner, we headed home to our own neighborhood. 

The girls climbed into the wagon and William suited up in his headlamp.  I asked for a group picture before we headed into the neighborhood, but obviously no one was interested.......

William was so excited.  He wanted to go fast and hit all the houses.  It frustrated him that we were 10 paces behind!  GET THE CANDY! GET THE CANDY!  That's the mission when you are 6! 

Anna was a champ.  She wore her bunny costume the entire night.  She rode in the wagon for a long time and then she wanted to walk.  Since it was SO dark, Dan held her hand and we only let her walk up to doors.  She was not allowed in the streets!  Everyone loved her costume and thought she was darling.  Anna paraded to about 15 houses before Dan took her home.  He said she was SO tired and fell asleep really fast.  Happy First Halloween Anna Baby!

I continued through the neighborhood with William and Adeline.  I kept the wagon with me and made Adeline ride in it since it was so dark and the street were heavy with people.  Since she was dressed like a Princess, she pretended the wagon was her chariot.  Without skipping a beat she said, "Ma'am please open my door and take me to the houses please."  Then I would say, "Ma'am, we are here now.  You can get out of your seat."  Adeline would wave her hands and put her pumpkin tote on her shoulder like a purse and say, "Thank you Ma'am.  I will be right back after I get my candy. Please wait here."  Oh my goodness, Adeline had the time of her life.  Two years old is such a fun age.  I love this phase because it is the age where life experiences begin to "click."  Adeline understood the concept of Halloween and trick-0-treating.  She embraced it completely and knew exactly what to do.  William was so sweet with her.  He held her hand and together they walked up to every single door as a team.  Adeline would proudly shout "TRICK O TREAT!" and William would tell everyone they were siblings.  I stood on the sidewalk and watched them and it was so cute because the only voices I heard say "thank you" were from my little people.  Proud moment for this mom!

William was on fire.  He was thrilled his bucket was bursting with candy and he wanted to go the distance.  Thanks to the wagon, I was able to cover a lot of ground with 2 kids riding along!  After awhile, William's feet began to hurt and he was ready to go home.  Adeline was pleased as punch with the whole night.  So, we headed home to count our loot.

I love these days....I love that my kids dress up in costumes.  I love their enthusiasm for traditions and their innocence.  I love how much fun it is to pull a 40 pound wagon of love around a dark neighborhood while wearing a headlamp and celebrating chocolate.  These are the days I will remember!  Please stay little forever kids.  That night is stamped in my heart.


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