Monday, November 18, 2013

Roman Nose State Park

Last weekend we met the Myers at Roman Nose State Park.  Our kids LOVE and adore the 4 Myer girls.  Kate is William's age and they are the best of friends.  Kate's a country girl and she can hang with the boys!  We hiked and played outside while enjoying the awesome weather. 

At night, the dads played a challenging gave of Twister while the kids laughed their hearts out watching their dads fall all over the place.  We ate s'mores by the fire and pizza at the playground.  The kids frolicked in the creek and road the paddle boats.  Adeline LOVED the paddle boats.  Oh my goodness, she was shouting, "this is awesome!  I love my life jacket!" Dada had to be really careful to make sure Adeline didn't fall in the water because she was having so much fun on "the big boat."

We had such fun.  My kids are so sad when we say good-bye to the Myer girls.  William thinks they are the most fun kids on the planet.  We've already planned our next adventure!


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