Friday, November 1, 2013

William's First Grade Halloween Party - Holland Hall

Thursday was Halloween 2013.  William's class had a Halloween party and I was in charge of the food.  I left the girls with Amanda and headed to the party at Holland Hall.  The party was from 11-2 and included lunch, games and prizes. 

I got there early to set up and it was fun watching William interact with his classmates.  His class was busy finishing up their morning work and William was very serious.  He showed me around and then told me he had business to finish before the festivities.  He's got a great work ethic!

The kids  all changed into their costumes and had lunch on the patio.  Afterwards, the kids split up into color groups and played different games like Halloween Bingo, the broom race, pass the pumpkin, etc. 

I had to leave at 12:15, so I didn't see the end of the party.  I know William was thrilled I was there and I got a couple pictures during the chaos.  The day after Halloween, William stayed home from school with a fever.  Looking back at these pictures, I now see that he was missing some pep in his step. 


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