Friday, November 1, 2013

Two by Two...lazy days outside

Fall brings on the glorious cool weather!  While William is at school, the girls and I take full advantage of playing outdoors.  We play on the driveway with all the toys or take a spin through the neighborhood in our trusty wagon.  Both girls love the wagon.  Adeline pretends it is her chariot and I say, "Welcome Ma'am.  Here is your seat.  Enjoy your ride."  She says, "Thank you Ma'am.  I am ready to go.  Please drive me!" I think she's pretending to be a Princess and I am her royal Lady in Waiting.......what else is new?  Anna kicks and hollers when she takes her seat in the chariot.  She likes to be buckled in tight and then she pretty much hangs out and enjoys the stroll.  She only gets anxious when I pass out snacks and water.....the girl does not miss an opportunity to eat!

You just cannot beat Fall days outside! PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!


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