Tuesday, August 26, 2014

WBB goes to Second Grade!

Another year of school and William Barron is now in Second Grade!  I remember the first day William went to Holland Hall.  He was in Preschool 4s.  I remember looking over at the circle drive where parents pick up 2nd and 3rd graders.  I remember telling myself, "WOW.  It seems like a long time before William will be over in that wing of the Primary School."  3 years later, William is in that far end of the Primary School and I am in that circle drive carpool line.  It's going so fast.  Only one more year and my Heart will march into Middle School. 

But for now, SECOND GRADE IS AWESOME!  William's teacher is Mrs. Cardiel.  We could not be more pleased with her.  She is FREAKISHLY smart and was the 5th grade reading and writing teacher before returning to 2nd grade teaching.  William loves math and he loves to read, so I know that is the reason he was placed in her class.  So far, he loves her.  I have met her once and she is nothing less than delightful.  Here's to a positive year!

William was all smiles on the first day of school.

So far, here is William's report on Second Grade :
  • There are 2 outside times
  • There is a full size basketball court on the playground
  • He's going to invent something for the Invention Convention
  • He gets to sit by anyone he wants during lunch instead of only his classroom friends
  • Homework is usually a math worksheet
  • Spelling tests every single Friday (He's nervous about these "first tests")

William Barron "Favorite Things" age 7.5.  August 28, 2014

"My Favorites"
  • color - green
  • animal - penguin
  • airplane - CRJ200
  • number- 27
  • food- pizza
  • candy - tootsie rolls
  • train - Polar Express
  • toy - first airplane I ever got
  • sport- soccer
  • friend - Michael Cameron
  • car - Porsche
  • thing about second grade - reading
  • thing to do with Dada - play basketball
  • thing to do with Mom - not much.  "you usually take care my sisters"
  • book - Aircraft The Complete Guide
  • song - 500 Miles The Proclaimers
  • about Bebe - she plays with me a lot and take me to get however many toppings I want on my ice cream
  • about Pops - he wakes up early and spend time together before he goes to work
  • about Gram - she downloads any games I want on the Ipad and she builds block cities with army men
  • about Bubba - sitting and talking with him and watching him nap on the couch
  • drink - water
  • at night - have some peaceful time without my loud and crazy sisters
  • about morning - waking up and seeing Anna's cute face
  • to wear - pjs
  • airport - Chicago O'Hare
  • place to eat - Qudoba
  • sport to watch in person - ORU baseball games because I can watch the game and eat snacks at the same time.  I even find lots of baseballs behind the fence
  • summertime activity - Trip to Florida
  • holiday - Christmas
  • place to go in the car - OKC
  • trip this year - Horn Creek and all the State Parks
  • thing about Santa - he brings me presents
  • thing about Anna Baby - she has cute looks
  • thing about Adeline - she loves to play with me and we have a lot of fun pretending
  • thing about being a big brother - teaching my sisters about life
  • best part about being 7.5  years old - I am older and I lost 4 teeth and get money from the tooth fairy
  • snack - Sun Chips
  • dessert - Ice Cream Cookies and Cream with lots of toppings
  • thing about being a Boy Scout - Boy Scout Swim Party
  • thing about the Pine Wood Derby - that I won 13th place out of 30


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