Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meet the Teacher day at Kirk of the Hills - Adeline and Anna Elizabeth 2014

My girls are gearing up for preschool at Kirk of the Hills.  We have loved Kirk for the last 3 years.  It's been a wonderful, safe place for my girls to grow up and to experience "school."  This year, Adeline is 3 day 3 year old preschool on MWF and Anna Elizabeth is going to the 3 day 2 year old class on MWF.   Yippee!  Their schedules are coordinated!

Tuesday was "Meet the teacher" day for the girls.  This year, both gals are in a new wing of the church and by coincidence, their classrooms are right next door to each other.  Adeline was delighted to see that!

Anna Elizabeth's teacher is Ms. Linda.  Adeline had Ms. Linda last year and WE LOVED HER.  Truly, she was just great.  Anna was kind of nervous when we got there because she thought I was leaving her.  But, once the three of us got inside the classroom and I sat down to fill out paperwork, Anna realized that I was staying and she was pleased to be there.  In fact, I couldn't get either of the girls to leave the room with me!  That's a good sign....or so I HOPE!  Anna's room has lots of fun toys that she will just love - play kitchen, dress up clothes, 2 strollers, 5 dolls, a puppet theater, legos, blocks, and all the basic craft supplies.  Her room is very happy and based on playtime learning. 

Adeline's teacher is Mrs. Postan.  I requested her based on feedback from other parents in the preschool.  For Adeline, I really wanted her 3 year old preschool experience to be slightly more aggressive on learning and structured like real school.  This is because she will be moving on to Preschool 4s at Holland Hall and I want her to be prepared.  Mrs. Postan is older and has 20 years of teaching under her belt.  Her assistant is a lovely woman from Prague.  She was thrilled to learn that my sister studied abroad in Prague and that we have been there to visit. 

Adeline's classroom is different than Anna's room.  First thing I noticed was how the room is set up for playtime but with less "frilly" stuff.  Like there is one stroller, 2 dolls and a kitchen.  More space is devoted to school with a large area for circle time, a map, a Spanish lesson plan, a weather station, and it just seemed more grown up if you can call 3 year old preschool "more grown up." 

While I filled out paperwork, the girls played with the dolls and then Adeline spent a long time working on blocks with the teaching assistant.  I told her 3 times that it was time to go, and each time Adeline told me "just a couple more minutes mom" or "not now,  I am busy working on my project."
These are all signs of a positive environment and reiterates to me that MY GIRLS ARE READY TO RETURN TO SCHOOL!

Happy days ahead!


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