Friday, September 5, 2014

Always playing, Always pretending

These girls LOVE LOVE LOVE to play and pretend together.  Every single day they are wearing some combination of  costumes, high heels, jewels, my shoes, purses, glasses, hats, etc.  It's wonderful that they have Tuesdays and Thursdays home all day together.  I love watching their imaginations take off as they make up stories and play together.  Adeline is not bossy.  She LOVES playing with Anna Elizabeth and Adeline asks where she is first thing in the morning.  Adeline spends some time showing Anna how to play a certain pretend game (mother's day out, mommies and babies, school, dolls, doll house, princesses, castle days, etc.) and Anna catches on really fast.  Then they play HARD.  They run around setting up the imaginary play and giggling behind closed doors.  Recently they have been playing Mother's Day Out school.  They get all the blankets out so the dolls have a rest mat, Adeline puts the gate at the door just like the Dutch door at school, they serve lunch from the play kitchen and of course, they are both wearing princess gowns and high heels while doing this.  They will play together for a few hours and I peek in on them. I usually stick around upstairs in case they need me and I do laundry or other household chores.  One perk of them playing together is that I get stuff done!  After all that playing, they often want a drink of water from their tea cups and Anna takes an early nap. 

 I love to watch them pretend and I am so happy they get along so well.  Adeline even told her teacher at school, "I have a sister in the room next door.  Her name is Anna ElizBET and she is my very best friend." 

I know these days go so fast.  I find myself embracing THE MOMENTS and really being IN THE MOMENT with them at this age.  I never want to forget their silly conversations, their vivid imaginations, their fights and their hugs.  Having them home together and seeing how much they really love each other's company makes me covet the days when Adeline only goes to school 3 days a week.  Anna would miss her deeply if she wasn't around.  SISTER LOVE!


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