Saturday, September 27, 2014

Anna Elizabeth is 2!

Anna Baby!

You are 2 years old and I just cannot believe it!  The days have flown by so quickly and it's been a joy to watch you experience life.  You are the sweetest little lady and your smile brightens my heart.  When you smile, your teeth show and it's so funny because one of your front teeth is long and the other is short.  It's what makes you unique and gives spunk to your personality.

You are 22 pounds.  You wear a size 18/24m clothing and your hair is very blonde.   Your eyes are blue and you simply hate it when the sun is in your face.  It makes you cry and scream "NO! OUCH!" You are 34 3/4 inches long (75%tile) and your head is 48 cm (58%tile).  You are skinny and have long legs.  I describe you are "dainty" with little features like a doll. 

You love to eat and you are my only child who will eat all fruits.  Your favorite foods are chicken fingers, fruit, crackers, cheese, yogurt, pizza, cereal, ice cream, peas, cooked carrots, and French fries.  You do not like pasta and you won't eat mac and cheese.  Although you are willing to try some foods, you are also the most picky eater and stick to what you know. 

Your vocabulary is outstanding.  You talk all the time.  You start talking in full sentences from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed.  You like to get up at 6:45 am and you go to bed around 8pm.  Your nap is usually 1 hour or less.  Sleep isn't your strongest achievement! ha.

You LOVE LOVE LOVE to play with your dolls and your toys.  You and Adeline will disappear for a long time and I love to watch you guys play together.  Your imaginations are so much fun and you guys will play dress up 24 hours a day if I would let you.   I am so thankful you have each other in life.  It has been a joy watching your sister bond develop.

You love William.  You are so happy when he jumps in the car after being gone all day at school.  You talk his ear off and you asking him questions "Weee-ah! (William), how day?" - William, how was your day?  "Wee-ah, eat lunch yay!" - William, did you eat lunch? good job! and stuff like that.  You often times reach out to hold William's hand on long car rides.  You look for him every morning and you really love it when William plays soccer outside with you.  He's your running and racing buddy!

And then there is Dada.  Anna Baby, you think Dada is the incredible.  He is your hero and your best friend in the entire world.  You wake up asking for Dada, you cannot go anywhere without Dada by your side.  You go to sleep and wake up in the night asking for Dada and then you sleep on top of Dada.  You keep him company while he gets ready for work and you completely loose your mind bawling the second he leaves for work.  You LOVE your Dada unlike anything I have ever seen.  It warms my heart that you are glued to his side, but it also kills me to see you sobbing when Dada isn't there for you.  He's first person you ask for when you are sad, in trouble or hurt.  He's always the first to scoop you up and love on your tears.  I am so thankful for both of you!

You are opinionated and you are very sensitive.  You like certain things and you are quick to tell me which shoes you want to wear and what dress you want to put on.  You love your Strawberry Shortcake pjs and it kills you to take them off in the morning.  Your feelings are hurt easily.  You know right from wrong but when you get in trouble, you are completely crushed.  You cry a lot more than your brother and sister.  You always have but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  It makes you who you are.  Along with being sensitive, you are also shy at times.  When you are in a crowd of people you don't know or if people enter our home who are not familiar to you, it will take you awhile to warm up to them.  You hide your face or hide in the corner.  Often times, you scramble into my arms, bury your face and hold onto my body in a death grip.  After awhile, you slowly turn around and engage in conversation. 

You love pretend.  You will wear a costume any chance you get.  You mastered wearing my high heels when you were 18 months old.  You like purses, hats, scarves, princess dresses and your bumble bee Halloween costume.  You want to dance so badly.  Every Tuesday when we take Adeline to Ballet, you insist on wearing your ballet outfit too. 

You absolutely adore horses and ride them whenever we can find one.  This includes your obsession with carousel horses.  You talk about riding carousels all the time.  "Mom,  I rode Princess and Adeline rode Boomer."  "Mom, I want to ride the lion and Adeline ride the zebra" These are all the animals on the carousel.  We spend about 40 minutes a day going over all the carousel horses' names and repeating the stories about the times she rode the horses.

Anna, you are my JOY.  You are every single tiny bit of perfect I could ever have hoped for.  You amaze me everyday and you keep me on my toes at all times.  Your spirit is bursting with energy and you never stop.  You are the first to follow my directions and I treasure your tiny voice saying "Ok Mama" and "Sorry Mama, I didn't mean too."  You say "please and thank you" all the time and every moment in your day is like the biggest surprise of your life.  You are SO THRILLED to discover the world.  You are small but mighty.  Anna, I am so thankful to be your mom.  I cannot imagine my life without you  and I so grateful that God gave me YOU!  I wish you the happiest of birthdays and I cannot wait to love on you forever.  You are the Delight of My Heart.

Love Mom


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