Friday, September 12, 2014

Father Daughter Campout

Dan and Adeline went to their first Father Daughter Campout at What's Your Legacy Ranch.

Adeline was so excited to attend.  She talked about it for weeks.  The two most important things she wanted me to know were 1.  Please pack Bunny for the trip and 2. she was going to eat a million s'mores.

They left around 4pm on Friday afternoon.  Dan sent me a couple pictures from the evening.  Adeline loved jumping on the trampoline and swimming in the pool for 2 hours.  They ate hotdogs and s'mores too.

Dan sent me pictures right before bedtime.  He said she put on her princess gown pjs and was asleep in 3 minutes. 

The next morning, they ate breakfast and headed home.  Adeline was beaming ear to ear and told me she had such a great time with Dada.  She must have had the time of her life because she went to bed Saturday night at 6:30 pm and I didn't see her again until almost 8:45 am Sunday morning. 

Happy Camping!


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