Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Anna Elizabeth!

Anna's 2nd birthday was on Friday, September 25th.  We had a small party with family to celebrate her special day.  Bebe, Pops, Bubba and Gram came to Tulsa for a pizza party.  Anna's favorite show is Caillou.  It's about a 4 year old boy and his 2 year old sister, Rosie.  Anna LOVES Rosie.  LOVES HER. 

Last year, Adeline loved Rosie and went through as stage where she wanted to play with all things "Caillou."  Well, I couldn't find a Rosie doll for her.  So, I bought a doll pattern and I made a cloth Rosie doll.  Adeline liked her Rosie doll during her Caillou stage, but it was simply a phase.  Nonetheless, Anna now loves Caillou and she never lets the Rosie doll out of her sight.  She plays with Rosie, takes Rosie all over town, sleeps with Rosie, etc.  "Rosie Posie" as she calls her, is more special to Anna than a doll ever was for Adeline. 

So it was only fitting to have a "Rosie" birthday party theme.  Since Rosie is difficult to find, I had to improvise and make the decorations.  All the late nights were worth every minute behind my sewing machine when Anna saw her party table in person.  She was SO DELIGHTED!  She beamed and pointed to everything and she absolutely loved her cake.  She thought it was so fun to see her one (and only) Rosie toy dressed up like a doll cake. 

Adeline couldn't wait for Anna's birthday.  She was thrilled to help her sister celebrate and even asked Anna if she needed help blowing out the candles and tasting her cake. 

Unfortunately, William couldn't be at the pizza party due to a second grade music performance on the football field.  I assured William it would be ok for him to miss the party and he told me, "mom, I think Anna will understand why I am not there.  I mean, I did stay up late and talk to you when you were sewing all that Rosie stuff for her."  Sweet big brother!


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